About LilyMaui girl Lily Meola is 20, but her voice was born decades earlier. She started channeling Ella Fitzgerald from the backseat of the family car, with perfect pitch.  Her sweet, wise voice rose from the dyslexia she had faced in school, replacing its frustration with the optimism of the Great American Songbook. She just recorded a duet with Willie Nelson.  Her fans include Michael Buble and producer-guitarist Bob Rock, who is guiding her latest project with Verve Records.

“She’s amazing” – Willie Nelson

“Lily is a force of nature who as an artist defies all genres of music.  I am a huge fan and look forward to watching her career blossom” – Michael Buble

“Working with Lily is a joy… she has it all. I expect her future to shine very bright.” – Bob Rock (Producer)

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Lily grow as a free spirited person since she was a young child.  She always had a flame burning inside her to do something special with her life.  Her passion for singing is a direct result, and her smoldering vocal style reflects the heat from that fire.  She’s got something special going on, and I hope everybody gets a chance to hear it.” – Pat Simmons (The Doobie Brothers)

“Close your eyes and listen, you’ll think a 200 lb, middle age woman of color is belting out those bluesy tones…now open them. It’s just little Lily, the Maui girl with the voice 10 times her size and that rare ability to sing with the fervor of one who has lived three times as long.” – Makana (Hawaiian Music Slack Key Master)

“Lily has flowered into a dynamic songbird whose sweet voice and wise-beyond-her-years soul lovingly fill each and every performance with both the delight and magic of a genuine musical talent in its ascendancy.”- Barry Rivers (Director of the Maui Film Festival)

“Lily Meola’s voice is sweet perfection, and her sincere vibe shines through on every note.  To have a talent as special as this, in a soul so humble and genuine, is a gift to us all!” – Gail Swanson (Singer, Songwriter)

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